Wooden it be fun to play a video game as Pinocchio? Wood you like the opportunity to play as Pinocchio in a ‘souls-like’ video game? Are these wood puns falling as flat as a plank and feeling as stiff as a board? Yes. However, if that concept caught your attention then you should keep an eye on South Korean game publisher ‘Neowiz Games’ who are doing just that with their upcoming title Lies Of P.

If you are familiar with the term ‘souls-like’ then at first glance you would be forgiven for thinking this was a ‘Bloodborne’ title. The devs have stated that any comparisons to the 2015 PS4 exclusive title are completely unintentional, but you cannot help but compare the two from visuals and artistic style. Of course, that is not a bad comparison to make in the slightest,

More Life Of P please

Neowiz Games have been slowly drip-feeding new information over on their Twitter account, of short gifs of weapon animations and some trailers too. Tonight seems to be a big night for the devs and their upcoming game as they have a trailer set to premiere at Gamescom: Opening Night Live.

With news of this game being also added to the Xbox Gamepass catalogue, will Lies Of P finally get to reveal their release date?

This is personally a game I am looking forward to trying and getting my hands on when it releases. Will Lies Of P be a real joy? Or will the strings connecting it to being a Bloodborne clone hold it down?

Words by Lewis Magee.

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