Title Update 3 for The Division 2 was released yesterday, and it spelled trouble for poor Julian Gerighty (@jgerighty). As a creative director for Ubisoft, he may have known better than to drunk Tweet gaming news! Last night (May 14th) he dropped this absolute bombshell:

Turns out him and two of the other studio heads hit the old vino a bit too hard! Since retracted, the statement has gotten legs, and mainstream gaming media jumped all over it. Poor Julian, he has since followed up, stating “I may be in trouble“. This morning he tweeted inquiring how to delete a tweet, “Asking for a friend“. Funny stuff indeed. As it stands, Ubisoft have since confirmed there is no new Splinter Cell in development.

Title Update 3

These three amigos were most likely celebrating this weeks major update for The Division 2. Title Update 3 went live Tuesday 14th May, with the Raids update being released Thursday 16th. The full patch notes for Title Update 3 are available here, but I shall summarize the most important aspects for you:

  • Classified Assignments – Exclusive to Year One Pass owners, this content adds new missions and backpack trophies.
  • Removed certain commendations for consecutive days played
  • Added five new commendations
  • Increased the base cap for Receiver Components and Protective Fabric crafting materials by 200
  • Inaya al-Khaliq in the Base of Operation is now a Crafting Vendor, added Blueprints to her stock
  • All exotic items upgraded through crafting will get the maximum Gear Score of the current crafting bench tier.
  • Optimized certain Gear attributes
  • Increased ammunition drop chance from enemy NPCs
  • Dark Zone contaminated loot does not drop below player’s average Gear Score and will guarantee Gear Score 500 when the player has reached 500 Gear Score.
  • Loot now skews more towards the top end of its allowed Gear Score, resulting in fewer items below a player’s average Gear Score, and items that do drop below it will be closer to that average more often.
  • After completing missions, players may opt to look at an activity summary showcasing their performance in that activity and allowing an expanded look at a variety of detailed statistics.

Operation Dark Hour

Following on from Title Update 3, we will also get our first raid this week. Operation Dark Hour will release on Thursday 16th May, at 4pm GMT. This new content will be available for free to all owners of The Division 2. Playable online in groups of up to 8, Operation Dark Hour will be a lengthy PvE mission, unlocked at Gear Score 500. Essentially you will have the game competed, and be in World Tier 5 before the raid is open. It seems an excellent addition to the game, and PvE players should delight in this new challenge. Operation Dark Hour also brings the following new additions:

  • New Apparel Event – Dark Hours
  • Added Operation Dark Hours Achievement / Trophy.
  • Added new Commendations for Operation Dark Hours.

There’s a lot of content here for players to delve through two months after the games release. Splinter Cell goof aside, Ubisoft/Massive are making a tremendous effort in delivering quality content to players. Naturally, I will be diving back in to The Division 2 to murder my way through Operation Dark Hour. No less than these Black Tusk deserve!

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