In a turn of events none of us could have predicted, Lawn Mowing Simulator Dino Safari DLC has launched!

As you may know, we here at GamEir really enjoyed Lawn Mowing Simulator’s original experience. Undeniably, the zen-like meditation of turning a wild out of control garden or field into a tended lawn is… Worryingly compelling. Indeed, there’s something about the white noise of the mower’s rotors that lulls me into a sense of calm.

Until today, I never realised what was missing from that experience. Dinosaurs.

This isn’t the first slightly offbeat DLC for Lawn Mowing Simulator. Previously, the Ancient Britain DLC brought players to long-forgotten druidic sites across Britain, and had fun little details like a collectable Sword in the Stone. So, clearly, Skyhook Games don’t shy away from the weird and wonderful.

As David Harper, Co-founder of Skyhook Games said:

“We’ve had such a great response to our previous Ancient Britain DLC pack and we’re delighted to be able to offer fans of Lawn Mowing Simulator new content with our new Dino Safari DLC pack. As always, we’d like to thank our amazing community for their support and hope you enjoy this new content.”

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Lawn Mowers, Uh. Find a Way in Dino Safari

So, brass tacks, what’s on offer in the Dino Safari DLC?

  • 4 new contract locations
    • Cretaceous Canyon
    • Herbivore Valley
    • Raptor Enclosure
    • T-Rex Paddock
  • 12 career contracts
    • 4 general cut contracts
    • 4 overgrown contracts
    • 4 litter contracts
  • Four new valuables to find in Career mode (One in each contract location)
  • 6 new Xbox and Steam Achievements

Altogether, we were delighted to see this here at GamEir – the Dino Safari DLC is the same price as Ancient Britain, but has even more content.

Obviously, we can’t wait to get our hands on the Dino Safari DLC. That said, who knows what the developers will come up with next? Lawn mowing in space, sooner or later? Eventually, maybe under the sea! Indeed, it seems that, for Skyhook games, the sky really is the limit.

In conclusion, if you love mowing lawns (of course) and you love gigantic, long-extinct reptiles (of course) then you’re not going to want to miss out on what’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Finally, You can find the Lawn Mowing Simulator Dino Safari DLC on Steam, or on the Xbox Store for players on Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

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