Lawn Mowing Simulator in Review (& the Ancient Britain DLC!)
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Lawn Mowing Simulator is the latest in a long heritage of obsessively realised simulator games. Whether your niche interest is long-haul trucking, car mechanics, farming, or just… Being a bee, I guess, the last decade has been a treasure trove of deep simulation experiences. There’s something so compelling about games that meticulously recreate something that, in real life, is generally tedious or difficult. Lawn Mowing Simulator is no exception.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s still a game. I’m happy to report what while I find the actual real-life activity of mowing grass to be boring and laborious, I had a great time with this game.

Where the Grass is Always Greener

This is going to sound obvious, but bear with me here; one thing Lawn Mowing Simulator does incredibly well is the grass. The level of detail in each lawn is immense. The height of your mower’s blades is adjustable, meaning you can mow the grass to specific heights.

Each individual blade and clump of grass is simulated. You can miss a tiny spot and that patch will visibly be taller than the grass around it. Technically it’s very impressive, but more than that, it’s satisfying. If the lawn looks 100% mowed, you know it’s because you actually got 100% of it.

Speaking of satisfying – that’s the word I’d use for the Lawn Mowing Simulator experience as a whole. The process of taking a walk around, planning your route, clearing the green, and finally mowing really scratches an itch. The grass doesn’t just disappear either – you’ve got to do something with the mulch. Going from a messy, overgrown lawn to something that looks manicured feels great.

The game is split up into “Contracts”, which are basically analogous to missions or levels. You’re given a recommended time limit, a height the grass has to be at, and away you go.

Lean, Mean, Lawn Mowing Machine

Like the other games in the “Job Simulator” category, Lawn Mowing Simulator puts a lot of emphasis on the verisimilitude of its equipment. There are plenty of models to choose from, all of whom (or so Google tells me) are licensed recreations of real-life equipment. Even if you’re not super into mowing equipment, the level of detail is very impressive.

Furthermore, the game gives you plenty to do as the owner of a burgeoning landscaping company. You can name it, craft your own branding, and hire more employees to expand your profits. While the business sim part of the game isn’t as deep as the actual mowing gameplay, there’s still enough to sink your teeth into.

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Ancient Britain DLC – Worth it?

Have you ever visited some of the wonderful ancient wonders of Britain, like Stonehenge or the Uffington White Horse? While there, did you think to yourself – “god, I’d love to mow the grass around here, really get it tidy”? Me neither, but that’s what you’re getting with the Ancient Britain DLC.

This expansion adds 4 new Contracts to the game, each one pretty unique (and lucrative!). They’re interested enough, and add a few hours of content to the game. That said, the DLC doesn’t add any new mechanics or equipment. Unless you’re extremely interested in prehistoric Britain, dying for more Lawn Mowing Simulator content, or simply want to support the developers, I don’t think the €8.99 price tag is justified.

Lawn Mowing Simulator: Does What it Says on the Tin

Guys, what do you expect? This game simulates the profession of mowing lawns. There are lawns – you mow them. It simulates this activity very well. If you love the experience of taking something disordered and bringing order to it, you’ll like this. It has the same kind of incredibly satisfying experience as games like Viscera Cleanup Detail or House Flipper. All it’s missing is the fresh sweet smell of cut grass.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys that kind of experience, or the “X Simulator” genre in general. If you’re unsure, Lawn Mowing Simulator is currently part of the offerings on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox and PC.

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