Originally launched in 2020, Bloodroots is getting a physical edition! The fast-paced ultra-violent hack and slash from Paper Cult has, until now, been a digital-only game available on Switch, PS4, Xbox and Series X/S and Windows. For those die-hard fans who want a physical artefact to display on your gaming shelf – your wait is over!

Only 4,000 copies will be printed – ever. That’s it. Get ’em while they’re hot because this is your only chance!

They’ll exclusively be available from SuperRareGames.com, and go on sale at 6 pm GMT (10 am PT or 1 pm ET for our American readers).

What is Bloodroots, and what will the physical edition consist of?

I’m so glad you asked!

For those of you not in the know, Bloodroots is a hardcore hack and slash with a super cool, distinctive art style. Gameplay-wise, it feels a bit like Hotline Miami… If Hotline Miami starred a rabid wolf-man in the wild west, seeking revenge. It’s very hard, very rewarding, and super satisfying.

The physical edition of Bloodroots will come with the following:

  • All current Bloodroots content on the game cart
  • A full-colour manual
  • Interior artwork
  • An exclusive sticker!
  • Trading cards

Super Rare Games has a reputation for fast shipping. Players should expect to get their physical edition of Bloodroots very soon after ordering!

So, whether you’re a Paper Cult super-fan, or just can’t bear to miss out on a one-time collectable… Keep your eye on the Super Rare Games website on, Thursday the 13th of January!

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