Circadian City, the life simulation sandbox from publisher Way Down Deep and developer Nowhere Studios, will enter Steam Early Access for Windows PC on the 24th of July. The PC 1.0 release and Nintendo Switch version begin shaping lives in the third quarter of 2021.

Choose an appearance and a career path, then guide the newest resident of the big city. Control their life 24/7, from building relationships in the day to adventuring and farming in surreal dreams at night.

Voted the “most free-minded city” in the country, Circadian City boasts a rich cultural scene with a friendly and caring community of more than 3,000,000 citizens. Art galleries, concerts, Sunday farmers markets and other diverse activities ensure everyone is always entertained with plenty of options to enjoy while making new friends.

Chat up strangers to become friendly acquaintances, then create bonds of true friendship and love over shared interests ranging from creative pursuits like cooking to playing and following sports. Choose your nearest and dearest carefully, from a range of hetero and LGBTQ romantic options, as relationships have a direct effect on the dream world.

Each friend and acquaintance unlocks special items for use in the dreamscape, with special ones like space-saving boxing gloves performing the functions of many tools only available through close bonds with specific people. Those items can make all the difference deep in the wilderness beyond the safety of the farm near the entrance, where valuable crafting materials await but falling prey to dangers can have negative consequences the next day.

Strike a balance between cultivating rewarding relationships during the day and exploring and crafting at night. Develop one of 16 personality types, each connected to an aspirational life goal promising happiness and prosperity. Reach for the sky in the retro-style urban utopia of Circadian City, knowing those dreams are well within range.

“Daytime and nighttime activities feed into each other in Circadian City, said Burak Tezateser, Founder and Designer, Nowhere Studios. What happens during the day shapes what’s available in the dream world, and success in the dream world sets the player up for a better tomorrow. In Early Access, we’ll be adding tons of content to breathe even more life into the city and dream world so players can really feel every change that springs from their actions.”

To learn more, visit the Circadian City website, follow @CircadianCity on Twitter and its official Facebook page.

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