Limited Run Games and video games publishing label Wired Productions have announced a new partnership. This partnership will deliver exclusive distribution in North America and expanded cooperation across more product lines going forward.

The new partnership will not only see The Falconeer: Warrior Edition launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch on August 5th though. It will also see the release of the new Black Label collection. This is an exclusive celebration of the best of Wired and Indie gaming.

Both companies initially worked together in 2020 through the distribution of various titles and realised a shared passion for games, music and community gave the opportunity to work even closer as friends in a more fluid and collaborative banner.  Kicking this BFF relationship off is the creation of ‘The Black Label,’ by Wired Productions, a new strictly limited collector’s item featuring numbered and authenticated premium products only available for a limited time that celebrates and fuses gameplay, art and music together.

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition has the honour of becoming the first black label release, holding the coveted BL #01 moniker, as Wired Productions sets out its bespoke and reimagined retail strategy for the future.

As consumer behaviour shows a want for choice, not just in retail or digital, but how and what kinds of products they want to consume, Wired Productions has designed The Black Label to answer all the questions collectors and fans have been asking and become a celebration for the artists and studios that create the games. In addition, Limited Run Games will be calling the big-ass-bird that is The Falconeer, and be the exclusive retailer in NA for fans to claim a copy on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

“Limited Run Games really are an awesome company. We share many principles, beliefs and work ethos.” He continued, “Having spent over a year dealing with Brexit, bureaucracy and really, a lot of bullshit; working with a partner like Limited is like finally breathing fresh air again. Not only are our fundamentals similar, but our gamers are too. Our players understand video games. They appreciate the work that goes into crafting these stories and want to celebrate with us and embrace the curated range of collector’s both Limited and Wired have already released individually. Coming together really is the best of both worlds and I’m so excited to have players receive their first Wired and Limited Run Games orders in the coming weeks and months ahead.”

Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions commented.

“Working with Wired Productions is like working with our internal teams, where we aim to deliver the passion that these games have given us for so long. Without a doubt, Wired Productions publish some fantastic indie titles, and we’re delighted to be sharing them with our community and customers beginning with The Falconeer: Warrior Edition and The Black label moving forward.”

said Douglas Bogart, co-founder, Limited Run Games.

In North America, Wired Productions physical product, collectors’ editions and The Black label can be purchased directly from Limited Run Games. For all other territories, the Wired Productions store has everything for fans of outstanding indie games.

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