Extended reality (XR) company Mirrorscape has announced the open beta launch of its augmented reality (AR) tabletop gaming platform. Available for free on iOS and Android, Mirrorscape integrates cutting-edge AR functionality with traditional tabletop game features to provide an immersive virtual platform for roleplay gaming.

The first-of-its-kind in the tabletop gaming space, the Mirrorscape platform supports open play of widely popular games like Dungeons & Dragons, and Paizo’s Starfinder and Pathfinder. This will allow users to build and interact with game pieces, terrain and other players. This will be similar to being in a physical setting. Built as an open gaming platform for RPGs, Mirrorscape is modular to different rulesets and game systems. This encourages creative development of user-generated homebrew campaigns.

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Mirrorscape has built the platform over the course of four years and has received overwhelming support throughout its testing stage. As of June 2023, Mirrorscape had more than 4,000 active users in beta. It has raised eight times its funding goal from 3,700+ contributors on Kickstarter. This support will be translated into Mirrorscape’s long-term growth plans as an overarching gaming and XR development powerhouse.

In addition to mobile functionality, Mirrorscape is developing its platform to be compatible on a wide variety of AR glasses and headsets, including Apple’s new Vision Pro, devices on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Spaces platform and others which are anticipated to be released in 2023. Mirrorscape’s glasses and headset functionality will launch later this year, enabling heightened immersion and advanced hand tracking and gesture technology.

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