Robotality and Chucklefish have recently announced that the massive, turn-based strategy adventure game Pathway will launch on Nintendo Switch on May 27th. Since its release in 2019, this game has been majorly updated by its dev team for all players.  It now features new AI and game balancing, new tactics and abilities, a new loot system, new combat arenas, and 650 special narrative events and stories to explore. That’s a lot of changes! Check out the new trailer below.

Whether you’re new to the game or a long time fan, Pathway on the Nintendo Switch is the brand new way to experience the game. Pathway on the Switch will include all previously released content. Including the Adventurers Wanted and Hardcore Mode expansions. Also, if you’re looking for a good deal, pre-orders get 20% off until the 26th of May.

The Pathway To Fun

Pathway is set in 1936 where Nazi influence has spread. Delve deep into secret excavations, mysterious artifacts, and gruesome Nazi rituals. Assembling a team of adventurers is key to unravelling this story. Strategically outwit your enemies and collect the ancient treasure before it’s lost to the enemy. Pathway is a fast-paced tactics game in a world of story and adventure. Run for cover, flank enemies and use your team’s special abilities to turn history in your favour!

Pathway has 16 unlockable characters for you to gather. Experiment with different combinations of team members to see which suits your style of play. Make choices that affect the story events you play and how the story plays out. Work your way through the five campaigns to challenge yourself across the varying difficulties. Pathway is available on Nintendo Switch for £12.99 / €13.99. Pre-Order now for a 20% discount.

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