An exciting expansion for the ultimate zoo simulation, Planet Zoo has been announced. Players can discover unique species and embrace the Halloween spirit with Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack. This latest pack will arrive on Steam on the 18th of October for a suggested retail price of £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99.

Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack invites players into the shadows to welcome five elusive new species into their zoos. Introducing the rascally Raccoon, whose signature black mask enhances its vision; the cunning Red Fox, with its razor-sharp hearing; the inquisitive Common Wombat, with its infamous cube-shaped droppings; the solitary Striped Skunk, whose pungent spray deters certain pesky predators; and the sociable Egyptian Fruit Bat Exhibit Animal, whose walkthrough exhibit will excite guests as wings swoop above their heads.

In addition to these captivating critters, zookeepers can unleash their creativity with over 200 pieces of eerie scenery including castle-inspired building pieces; complete with grinning gargoyles, and even a portcullis. Adding even more atmosphere to players’ zoos is a range of petrifying plants, including the twisted Bristlecone pine tree, shade-loving Ivy and bioluminescent ghost fungus. Share the spooky spirit with guests with the help of glowing pumpkins and bubbling cauldrons.

Spooktacular habitats to build in Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack

Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack also includes an immersive new Career scenario, arriving for the first time since Planet Zoo’s debut DLC. Zookeepers will work to transform a mysterious zoo in the depths of Transylvania, after the notorious villain, Dominic Meyers, hastily abandoned it. They’ll be able to adopt and care for inquisitive animal arrivals, build spooktacular habitats, and restore the zoo to its former glory.

Zookeepers will also enjoy a free base-game update, which brings a range of features and enhancements, including the ability for Educators to hold exhibits during animal talks. Alongside a number of quality-of-life updates, players can now get even more creative with their exhibits thanks to customisable 2D backdrops, as well as marvelling at stunning piebald colour variants for select species.

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