Today is one of those days when you hear about a gaming story that warms your heart. This story is about Spilled! This Kickstarter game developed by singular developer Lente is a passion project. Dubbed a “relaxing eco-conscious game in which you clean up oil spills with a boat.”

With this game, Lente hopes to bring awareness to the pollution problem and inspire other developers to make similar games.

About Spilled!

  • Clean up ocean waste in Spilled!, a relaxing & satisfying cosy game!
  • Recycle, earn coins, upgrade your boat, repeat!
  • Explore and clean up new areas with more waste and new challenges!

Key Features

  • Short but satisfying – Move through 8 areas, each bigger in size and with more waste. No rush, take as long as you want. Spilled! is a short yet cosy game that you can finish in 1 hour, but you can use the level selector to go back to any area if you just want to relax.
  • Recycle & earn coins – Clean up a whole area to move on to the next! The water gets clearer the more you recycle, revealing underwater life that is different for each area!
  • Upgrade your boat – Prepare for the next area: tackle bigger oil spills with a bigger collector, hold more oil with an upgraded tank and cover larger distances with upgraded speed!
  • Find & rescue animals – Each area has 2 different animals to find and rescue, for a total of 16! See which ones you’ve already saved in the options menu. Or which ones you’ve missed!

About Lente

Lente is a solo gamedev from the Netherlands who lives and develops her games on a boat. She grew up on a ship and that has always stayed with her. She and her mother renovated the boat, making it one of the most original game studio locations! She’s currently working on Spilled!, her first commercial game.

Check out the Kickstarter page and the Steam page to learn more about Spilled!

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