SelectaPlay has announced a partnership with developer Wiggin Industries to create the special boxed editions of Bestiario, an original, fast-paced JRPG with social sim elements which has launched its Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter backers who pledge to a certain rewards tier for Bestiario will receive the special boxed edition which will not be available anywhere else. The boxed edition will contain a physical copy of the game on the platform of their choice, an A4 print with the key artwork from the game, a vinyl 3D figure of Lérez the dog and faithful companion and a special themed card deck all housed in a special box.

Bestiario is an exciting turn-based combat JRPG based on Spanish mythology and folklore. Inspired by the Persona saga and PSX classics, Besitario is set in a mythological Spain of unseen creatures. It combines dynamic turn-based combat with an exciting, mature adventure experience.

Tell me about Bestiario

The story of Bestiario is set in Spain after a pandemic. A diverse group of hunters must solve a supernatural mystery. They also have to fight unusual enemies and beasts to protect the world from a new threat. Your journey will take you to various places in Spain and Europe. While you travel, you must unravel this mystery and discover fascinating stories that are not widely known.

From the Puerta del Sol in Madrid to the mountains of Asturias, you will encounter a variety of mythical creatures. These include witches, gnomes, fairies, angels and many others, including ojancanos, urcos and scornaus.

Bestiario is now live on Kickstarter and is planned to be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation and Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch. The special edition physical edition will be created by SelectaPlay and will be available for backers for console versions only. 

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