Publishing label Little Nook has announced that its whimsical and heart-tugging narrative-adventure Pine Hearts will now simultaneously launch digitally for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on 23rd May.

Previously announced for PC only, Pine Hearts is a heartfelt – and now also handheld – love letter to all those who have experienced loss; offering a welcoming and cosy refuge in which players can unwind and reminisce on fond memories. A brand new trailer showcases some of the charming, caring characters, activities and locales players will encounter while visiting the picturesque Pine Hearts Caravan Park.

In Pine Hearts players will hop into the wee hiking boots of Tyke, and set off on a vibrant adventure full of mystery and memories, in which every corner of this delightful little world plays host to wholesome encounters and some light puzzle-solving. By helping the locals and making new friends they will unravel a warm and whimsical tale about love, life, memories, and family.

Pine Hearts Features

  • An introduction to Tyke and the start of his journey in Pine Hearts Caravan Park
  • Meet other campers, make friends, have cookouts and maybe even help to track down a mysterious monster in the woods
  • Gather wood for campfires, munch marshmallows, pet dogs, and learn how to grill the perfect burger
  • Jump into Tyke’s childhood memories as he reflects on times he spent in the park with his father

This title will be priced £15.99/$19.99 on both platforms. Early visitors to the park can pick up the game with a celebratory 10% discount during the first week of launch. Wishlist it today.

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