Puzzles for Clef, the adorable narrative puzzle platformer from developer Weasel Token and publisher Freedom Games, receives an invitation to play hide and seek on PC via Steam in the third quarter of 2022.

Join the curious bunny Clef as she sets off on an expedition. She will explore a magical island in the sky after receiving an invitation and treasure map from her sister. Aid in her journey by solving intricate puzzles and cracking cypher codes. These will allow you to uncover secrets about Clef’s ancestry as well as hidden treasures. Take up quests from native animals throughout bamboo forests, clock towers, crystal mines, and other whimsical environments.

Every part of the puzzle means something

Every puzzle and character has a piece of the greater mystery. Calling for the investigation of all corners one by one. Search each nook and cranny for secret items and energy crystals. These include tonitrum and lumenium to aid in the restoration of the bell shrines.

After each search, visit the bell shrines to restore serenity to all of the island’s regions and enjoy the tuneful winds that accompany each chime. In the early stages of development, Puzzles for Clef was nominated for the Critics Choice, Best Art, Best Audio, and Rising Star awards at Indie Cup, the largest indie game competition in Eastern Europe.

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Puzzles for Clef is a cozy, peaceful, low-stress adventure filled with succulent secrets and stunning sights to discover. The whimsical atmosphere, calming music, and feel-good story are all positive facets we are looking forward to bringing into 2022. We all need more of that!”

said Alexander Molodkin, Founder, Weasel Token.

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