Realms Deep, the 3D Realm’s shooter based digital event, is returning for a second year. If you don’t know who 3D Ream is, they are the publisher behind Ghostrunner and Graven. The world premiere for the event begins on Friday, August 13th through to Sunday August 15th. Along with a live show airing at 1:00 AM PDT on August 14th. Catch this show on the 3D Realms Twitch channel. 

If you’re a fan of 3D Realms games then you’ll be happy to hear of the Realms Deep Steam sale. Taking place from August 13th -15th to coincide with the digital event. This year’s event includes a section called the Vault. Filled with talks, interviews, lessons and discussions with some of the most interesting minds in the shooter industry. Keep checking back over the course of the event and see more content from the vault unlocked. 

Last year the Realms Deep event delivered a glimpse at over 40+ games. Games like Ion Fury’s Aftershock expansion and Postal: Brain Damage. This year, the event plans to show off 100+ titles worth of reveals and updates. The event will be backed up with some outside help from Slipgate Ironworks, Devolver Digital, 1C Entertainment, Running with Scissors, New Blood Interactive, HYPERSTRANGE, and more.

In addition to some surprise updates we can expect updates on GRAVEN, dark-fantasy action adventure WRATH, and Ion Fury Aftershock. Similar to last year, proceeds generated by exclusive Realms Deep merchandise available during the show all go directly to Child’s Play Charity.

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