Maid of Sker launched last year, and has achieved great success. A couple of weeks ago, both a next gen console port and free update dropped. The update is jam-packed with new content and challenge modes, all set to enhance the gaming experience. However, how is all the new content? And how well does the game play on console? Let’s get into it.

When Maid of Sker initially dropped, I did actually review it. Story wise, it’s interesting and fun, but nothing new or revolutionary. With that said, I was excited for the new content. Most horror games stay quite linear, outside of multiplayer that is. The normal content updates that we’d see are usually DLC continuing the story in some way, shape or form. That’s not to say that’s all the genre has to offer, as games like Maid of Sker are showing. So, let’s get into the new content and modes.

There are four different challenge modes, all with the same objective. Escape the hotel. Each mode increases the difficulty, with less lives, health and ability to respawn. Checkpoints are key to not losing your mind on respawning. My first death came before a checkpoint and I was right back at the start again. I did notice on respawn that some of the enemies were in different places, or spawned in new areas. That made for a couple of good jumps when I thought I was heading to a safe room for ammo.

Something i did notice is how long it takes to get to a checkpoint. The map is fairly straightforward in the challenge modes, so it is very difficult to get lost. Unnecessary doors are locked and corridors are blocked off. For example, my stats for The Long Night mode marked me at just over 15 minutes for my first checkpoint, but it felt like a lot longer when playing. Maybe I’m just slow, though. We won’t look at stats for the others, as I don’t want to embarrass myself with my death toll.

The enemies used in the challenge modes are a lot of fun to go up against. The different types add an extra level of difficulty, as not all respond to the same weapons. Some will only go down with the shotgun, hell some will only go down with the axe. It’s fun trying to remember which is which when you hit areas with multiple spawns.

The load screens between checkpoints is a tad drawn out. It’s not the worst load time I’ve ever faced, but it is noticeable. Aside from that, the whole experience is a lot of fun.

Each mode in Maid of Sker adds an extra layer of difficulty and challenge, right up to Nightmare at the Hotel, which only gives you one life to go up against much stronger enemies. Good luck to our friends playing that mode.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to play in the dark, In Darkness is the mode for you. The hotel is in total darkness, and all you have for visibility is a flashlight.

For our friends who enjoy some hack and slash, I strongly recommend Axe of Kindness mode. 3 lives, full health on respawn, but your only weapon is the axe. The axe also makes a very satisfying sound every time it connects, which my sick self loved.

Without a doubt, these new challenge modes are really enjoyable. They bring a fun, new element to Sker Hotel and the creatures within. It also makes for good practice with things like aiming! The original game itself is fairly solid, but the challenge modes have added a new layer of excitement that elevates the whole experience. Definitely well worth playing.

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