Koei Tecmo Europe and developer Omega Force have announced the addition of 10 new playable fighters in Samurai Warriors 5. These new characters will add a slew of new tactical experiences.

Samurai Warriors 5 is currently under development for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 (playable on PlayStation 5 via Backward Compatibility), the Xbox One consoles (playable on Xbox Series X|S via Backward Compatibility), and Windows PC via Steam, and is set to launch across Europe on July 27th.

The Samurai Warriors 5 characters that have been announced include ten former NPCs who are now ready to fight for the spotlight. These characters feature unique graphics. However, since they are more of the game’s supporting cast and not part of the main storyline they are technically weaker.

They may not have the unique “Power Attacks” and other features that the previously announced 27 characters. Regardless, these characters are fierce additions, and should not be overlooked when it comes to combat. Each of them are legendary warriors from the annals of history.

Welcome to the Samurai Warriors 5 family

Members of the new supporting cast include everyone from Nobunaga’s younger brother, Nobuyuki Oda, to Motonari Mōri’s grandson, Terumoto Mōri. Additional historic figures will also be featured, including Motonobu Okabe, Katsuyori Takeda, Motoharu Kikkawa, Dōsan Saitō, Yoshitatsu Saitō, Yoshiaki Ashikaga, Yoshikage Asakura, and Fujihide Mitsubuchi.

The roster of historical warriors to choose from has significantly grown since the announcement of Samurai Warriors 5. I’m looking forward to this latest iteration. Perhaps the best element will be the souped-up graphics and shakeup in design. I for one am looking forward to playing as Nobunaga Oda. I’m a big fan of his work, especially in games like Onimusha.

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