A new trailer showcases the sinister story of VORAX, as well as showing off what lurks below the island. The roadmap highlights the team’s plan for adding vehicles, new weapons and more.

Set on a Mediterranean island where a mysterious pathogen has turned the local population into terrifying, bloodthirsty monsters, players must try to uncover what really happened there while collecting resources, building up a shelter and fending off the numerous threats that loom. Explore the island and discover just how deep the infection has festered.

VORAX is currently still in development and the developers have revealed a brand new roadmap to give players an idea of what is to come in the next big update. These updates include the addition of driveable vehicles, new weapons including ranged-focused weapons with explosives, completely new locations and an extended map.

Full Roadmap Notes for VORAX

  • Fully drivable vehicles will be added to the game to allow for faster traversal of the map.
  • The map has been expanded to allow for even more exploration.
  • Monster nests will be added as a source to generate new monsters.
  • New enemies and ranged weapons with explosives will be added.
  • Crafting changes and extensions including the ability to craft metals that can be used to make gunpowder and bullets. 
  • Additional quests.

At full launch, VORAX will feature forty main quests. These will allow players to completely explore all of the darkest corners of the island. Players that pay close attention will be able to find answers to the ever-growing mysteries. They’ll also be able to kit themselves out with powerful weapons, build up a defensible base and attempt to survive against creatures from only their most terrifying nightmares.

VORAX is currently in development and players can wishlist the game on Steam right now to stay in the loop on updates. Players can also discuss strategies with fellow mercenaries on the official Discord server

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