In preparation for Early Access, Skydome will start offering a selection of exclusive Founder Packs on Steam, right at the start of the Steam summer sale that has gone live (yay). These not only give fans the opportunity to get a selection of exclusive content at a hefty discount right from the get-go but will also contain a full week of pre-release founder access.

This will start July 7th, before the official Early Access starts on July 14th. The game’s closed beta servers will be wiped before the founder access phase, offering a clean slate for Early Access.

Various Founder Packs are available, including three unique new Champions, each with their own special towers and abilities, as well as exclusive Founder Skins and badges. A further new champion will be added to the roster with the start of the Early Access.

With its unparalleled gameplay mix of tower defence and MOBA, Skydome displays a fresh take on arena battles, with a strong focus on defensive strategies in its 4 vs 4 matches.

Main Features of Skydome: 

  • A roster of diverse Champions, each with their own unique skills and personal towers
  • Fast-paced, isometric 3D action strategy gameplay
  • Players can deploy walls and towers to fortify their map
  • Use of intervention skills to directly disrupt enemy defences
  • MOBA-style jungle areas with unique boss monsters
  • Invasion System: Defeat waves of monsters invading your territory and fight your enemies by utilizing buffs, extra troops and more
  • 4 vs 4 Multiplayer Matches: team up with your friends to outsmart your competition
  • Seasonal ranking system on release date

Tower Defence games are always a lot of fun and this MOBA hybrid looks like a lot of fun. The roster of characters looks decent, I will say I am getting a vibe of SMITE off the designs but that’s not an insult, more of an observation.

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