During the official Triple Force Friday Livestream preview event, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Cameron Monaghan, who plays the game’s main protagonist, Cal Kestis, revealed the all-new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order special edition Xbox One bundle, as well as a limited-edition Cal Kestis Hasbro Black Series figure, a Cal Kestis Funko POP! figure and much more.

The Star Wars Merch

There is a lot here for fans of all ages of Star Wars. For the gamers, there are actual themed Xbox hard drives, themed Xbox One’s and a themed Star Wars Xbox One charger. On top of that is a wealth of toys, from figurines to Funk POPS! It’s pretty great. Even if EA and Disney seem to be banking on fans falling in love with Cal Kestis a little too much. After all, we have no idea how fans will react to yet another survivor of Order 66. Where will Cal fit into the lore of Star Wars? Will he be a legend or someone best left forgotten?

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And then there was the trailer

The trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order I have to say impressed me. Though the combat is far too reminiscent of The Force Unleashed the placement in the Star Wars timeline, as well as the glimpse at the story, seems compelling. It seems Cal is on a mission for the Jedi. What that is could be anything but as someone who is only a passing fan of Star Wars, this does seem engaging even if Cal can’t shake up the galaxy too much.

My favourite part though is easily the presence of the Inquisitors. Seeing Second Sister show up attacking Cal was quite impressive in its scope.

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