Repent all you sad begrudged gamers! Blasphemous is here to beat the sins from your wary bodies.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter back in June, the guys from The Game Kitchen have recently released their masterpiece upon the world.

If your checklist for a quality game includes:

  • Tough, hair-pulling difficulty
  • Sexy unique graphics
  • Immersive ambiance and style
  • 2D Dark Souls inspired game

Then you have struck gold, don’t read on, just go now and buy it!

What you need to know

Blasphemous has its wealth of trailers and gameplay footage which all portray a game built on sublime combat that is devastating, fluid and unforgiving in the best way possible.

Think, Shinobi (Sega Megadrive) had a baby with Dark Souls. need I say more?

If wrecking grotesque, demented monsters in a fast-paced, hardcore hack n slasher don’t make you lick your lips, then just look at this video and try not to fall in love with what can only be described as a Picasso nightmare, reimagined within a game.

Tell me more

Our Spanish friends and developers The Game Kitchen have created a game inspired by Spanish folklore.

They have released a great bundle of information on Blasphemous, here are some of the most intriguing details they released which really has me excited at getting my hands on this title:

Explore Cvstodia
Venture through Blasphemous in any direction you like, with an open nonlinear level structure, finding key items will help you progress through the world and access new areas and secrets.

Pixel Perfect Combat
Use devastating combos and brutal executions to unleash destruction on grotesque enemies. Perform a parry at the right time and stagger your foes leaving them open for a counterattack.

It all strikes familiar with Dark Souls gameplay, which I for one LOVE. that leaves only one thing:

Time to grab your sword, say your prayers and delve into this dark fantasy nightmare which is guaranteed to give hours of fun and challenge.

Blasphemous is out now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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