After a long long wait, the galaxy far far away’s newest major videogame finally has a confirmed release date. No smuggling is required, as Star Wars Outlaws releases on Playstation, Xbox and PC on August 30th this year.

Outlaws will allow players to step into the shoes of a galactic smuggler. This new character is trying to make a name for themselves in the criminal underworld with the help of their furry companion. No, not Han Solo and Chewie but a brand new duo of scoundrels. Kay Vess and her pal Nix will be playable in this open-world game that combines action, stealth and space combat.

Taking place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi players will be thrust into the middle of the Galactic Civil War. You’ll be taking missions from various factions. Chubby slug icon Jabba the Hutt, post-Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke (remember the solo Solo movie?) and more will hire Kay to pull off various heists and cons.

Being a Ubisoft title, various editions will be available at launch. They will each have different additional goodies. The standard edition will include ship and speeder cosmetics. While the ultimate edition will have the season pass, early access and more. With a long pedigree of excellent Star Wars games, this will be the franchise’s most ambitious videogame outing to date and the first truly open-world title so far.

Will Watto appear? Only time will tell.

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