That’s right dear reader. The soundtracks you’ve been waiting your whole life for are now available to purchase on your preferred physical medium! The soundtrack for Streets of Rage 1 and 2 can both be pre-ordered now from Wayô Records. Of course, they are also available to download digitally, but who the hell would choose that over cassette tape right!?

Way to go Wayô

Wayô Records have remastered the original tracks from composer Yuzo Koshiro. Koshiro worked with the label on this project and has added his own commentary to both games’ soundtracks. While the original games’ soundtrack has been out since 2017, Streets of Rage 2 will be released June 2020 on CD and digital. The cassette tape releases for both games audio will also debut at the same time.

Of all the games from that era, few soundtracks captured the public’s ear-lobes like Streets of Rage did. It is a point of absolute nostalgia for any gamer of that time, and every one of us has fond memories connected to individual tunes off those soundtracks. It might be the chilled out beats of the opening track, with the rolling city-scape in the background. Or it could be the thumping high tempo accompaniment to beating down that first Freddie Krueger-like boss dude. Either way, I’d bet you have some happy memories associated with those tunes. It’s pure magic!

Aside from Streets of Rage, Wayô Records also have a nice back catalogue of retro gaming classics on audio. You can check out their full collection over at their official website here: Wayô, or for a little of that sweet Streets of Rage nostalgia, check out the video below. If you don’t well up inside of the opening notes, you are dead inside my friend and should seek medical help.

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