Ctrl Alt Ninja Ltd. has announced May 15th as the release date for Druidstone: The Secrets of the Menhir Forest. The game will be available on Steam for PC and as a standalone DRM free version. This DRM free Druidstone will be exclusively for pre-orders, and if you do so now, you can bag yourself a free digital art-book. Featuring concept art, behind-the-scenes information and other material from the making of Druidstone, the book will retail after launch for $4.99. Additionally, you can pre-order now for a 10% discount, sweet deal!

Dev deal

Previously having created the Legend of Grimrock games, Druidstone: The Secrets of the Menhir Forest will be new territory for Ctrl Alt Ninja. While their previous titles were first person, single player RPGs, this new IP focuses on squad turn-based strategy. Comparisons to Divinity: Original Sin are natural, as outwardly the game seems to play similarly. This is not a negative of course, as those Divinity games are possibly the best strategy RPGs of all time. The small dev team (4 full-time staff) was founded by Petri Häkkinen and Juho Salila. By staying 100% independent the team retains full creative control on the project. This, they say, will allow for some unconventional design choices. Intriguing…

One such choice could be the custom mission creator. This tool will allow users to create, and share, custom missions, and even campaigns. No doubt this adds plenty of longevity to the game and puts a plus in the “value for money” column. Meanwhile, the single-player campaign will see players control a group of 3 heroes: Aava, the archdruid’s daughter, Leonhard, a warden with a mysterious past, and Oiko, the failed Red Priest. These three will fight to clear Menhir Forest of the evil corruption which appeared after their Archdruid disappeared. Team members can be upgraded as you go, as Druidstone: The Secrets of the Menhir Forest promises deep customization options.

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Trailer Time!

The trailer below gives an ideal impression of Druidstone: The Secrets of the Menhir Forest. Varied environments, all beautifully handcrafted, tile-based squad tactics, and a nice blend of melee, ranged, and magic attacks. Throw your peepers over it there and let us know what you think. Personally, I’m sold, it looks wonderful, and Ctrl Alt Ninja are now officially on my “one to watch” list. Which is like a CIA watch list, but without the drone strikes.

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