A possible release date for The Witcher series on Netflix has been leaked, by Netflix! A Witcher fan site, Redanian Intelligence, first reported on this news in the past week. They were among the first to catch a tweet from Netflix Netherlands, which gave a list of “Sleeps until…” for various upcoming shows. There were ten shows listed in total, and they put The Witcher show at 97 nights away. Counting them up from the date of the tweet gives a possible release date of Tuesday December 17th.

Previously there had been a rumour of December 20th for the shows release. Given Netflix usually drops its biggest shows on a Friday, I’d still put that as the more likely of the two. Although, anything in around then would be a safe bet. You can check the now deleted tweet below, and from what we understand, all the other dates there are legitimate.

The official word

Netflix, when reached for comment, merely stated “the release date for The Witcher is not yet confirmed.” We have been drip fed news of The Witcher Netflix show over the past year, and with only 3 months until release, we have all the information we are likely to get. Casting news of Vesemir and/or Dandelion would be nice. Realistically however, the next update will likely be the release trailer. While the teaser trailer did give us plenty to be excited about, a new trailer in the next month or two, would serve to whet the pallet a touch more. At that stage Netflix will be wont to drum up as much interest as possible. So expect a trailer that shows a lot more contextual stuff, and plenty of action, as they’ll also need to garner interest from non-Witcher fans.

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