Indie publisher Camlann Games in tandem with indie game studio Gorilla SoftWorks is pleased to reveal the first gameplay of The Ancients, a prehistoric-era turn-based survival strategy game set to release at the end of 2023.

What is The Ancients?

Advised throughout development by an influential archaeology scholar, The Ancients is a historically accurate survival strategy game where the player must lead their tribe through the perils of harsh winters. Fend off vicious predators. Fight off starvation. Advance the tribe’s technology. Make impactful social and political tribal decisions. And survive long enough to migrate to new, fertile lands. The Ancients will be releasing to Early Access at the end of 2023 and will be available on Windows PCs.

Key Game Features:

  • Survival: Navigate different biomes, adapting to different climates, weather, and seasons. Forage for food, and hunt historically accurate animals – or be hunted.
  • Tribal Life: Control one or more clans within your tribe. View their happiness by how fulfilled they are in terms of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  • Technological Advancement: Research an expansive tech tree of primitive technology, and craft new tools and weapons according to your geographical needs.
  • Society: Make decisions to develop your tribe’s cultural, political, spiritual, and moral identity.
  • Migration: Migrate your tribe to different nodes on Earth, strategizing how to thrive in new biomes and climates.

In The Ancients, you build, you survive and you protect your tribe. It’s an interesting dynamic. It’s great to see indie titles pop up, like this, that have a hopefully fresh take on the genre.

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