SNK Corporation has revealed an exhilarating new character trailer for Benimaru Nikaido. Benimaru is a returning champion in The King of Fighters XV. Benimaru, alongside master illusionist Shun’Ei and sleepy-yet-deadly Meitenkun, make up the dynamic TEAM HERO.

The Story of The King of Fighters XV: Benimaru Nikaido

Born into a rich family and raised by his Japanese father and American mother, this shooting star takes fighting to a shocking level. His slender frame enhances his electrostatics and his chiselled legs (built from years of shoot boxing) allow him to land kicks that hit like bolts of lightning.

During this tournament, Benimaru’s friend and rival, Kyo Kusanagi, forces him into a position where he must watch over Shun’ei and Meitenkun.

More teams and character trailers will be unveiled leading up to the game’s launch later this year.

As an uninitiated of The King of Fighters XV and the whole franchise, this latest character introduction trailer is brilliant. Benimaru, with his hair that puts Tekkens Paul Phoenix to shame, is certainly electrifying in more ways than one.

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