Critically acclaimed The Falconeer has released new DLC entitled ‘The Hunter’. Experience intense aerial dogfighting and intense combat in an awe-inspiring open world. Fight a range of enemies on land, sea and air. Available now on Xbox Game Pass for console & PC. Soar through the skies as The Falconeer, using the powers of a powerful creature. It’s an adventure like few others, seeing you dive, roll, dodge and twist to gain an advantage in the skies. 

The Falconer’s new DLC allows you to pick from a new class. And answering the most sought after requests from the community. The ability to fly dragons. Boot up now to see the newly added Pyro Pots. Check out all the new upgrades available at the store throughout the Great Ursee. 

The Hunt For More Fun

In addition to this new paid and free content, this update brings an array of quality of life improvements. This includes balancing adjustments, map updates, custom waypoints and improved character models. This will improve the photo mode quality along with new features and much more.  Check out the trailer below.

Tomas Sala the creator of The Falconeer has expressed his love of feedback from the community so far. And it’s always nice to see when developers are willing to listen to their community to improve their game. Sala said ‘I’m working on some interesting and crazy stuff, and you’ll never guess what’s in the pipeline’.

It’s good to see that there’s plenty more content on the way for The Falconeer

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