The Fridge is Red, the first-person horror anthology series with PS1-inspired visuals haunts Steam later this year. The tile was revealed during the Guerrilla Collective Digital Showcase. Players can also download the demo of this macabre experience right now ahead of Steam Next Fest.

The Fridge is Red combines the aesthetics of the PlayStation 1 era’s horror games. It combines early 3D with modern effects to replicate the memories those classics conjured. Drab and rusted colourways set a malevolent tone for different environments. All of which are explored from a first-person perspective. This whole experience is set to haunting background music and dismal sounds. This creates an unnerving environment.

Open the red fridge if you dare

Frank’s tale represents just one of multiple terror-filled experiences populating The Fridge is Red. Players can unravel the mystery of the red refrigerator. As well as the mental anguish of those who cross its path across a variety of stories. This includes haunted hospital halls, a creepy church graveyard, as well as snowy highways and other locations. Furthermore, you can uncover horrifying revelations while contending with unspeakable dread tormenting those seeking the truth.

The Fridge is Red is one of those games. It has that style that will stay with you. Also, it has a terrifying score that compounds on top of the unnerving narrative. I can’t help but think of Resident Evil as well as some of the darker moments in Metal Gear Solid. It’s all so hypnotic and enthralling. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype.

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