State of Survival, the popular mobile game, has introduced the Joker as a new playable hero, in collaboration with DC. This license gives players who complete the thrilling story campaign a limited window to permanently unlock the Joker for their roster.

The Joker provides players with an eventful campaign, combining zombies with his infamous maniacal behaviour. This is set to offer a strategy experience like no other. After all, watching the Joker go head to head with zombies will definitely be quite the experience.

State of Survival is free to play on both Android and iOS and comes from FunPlus, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, and its KingsGroup studio. Build a city amidst a zombie apocalypse, and fortify it to withstand hordes of the undead. As an army sergeant, you must take control, form alliances, and rebuild. But, even more importantly, you must survive.

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