Netmarble Corp. has released a huge update to the popular massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Lineage 2: Revolution, including an all-new playable Orc race with unique class mechanics, an increase in max level, a new territory and more.

The Orcs are coming

Playable Orcs have been added to Lineage 2: Revolution with their own unique class mechanics that separate them from the existing races in the game. Players can choose from three different Orc classes including Orc Raider (Warrior), Orc Monk (Rogue) and Orc Shaman (Mage).

Orc players will have a new starting location – The Southern Immortal Plateau, begin at level 180 with 500,000 Combat Power and will be rewarded with a set of SR grade weapon, armour, and accessory. Orcs will use different weapons from the four existing races including Orc-exclusive claws, two-handed sword, and wands. With the new Orc race, new Orc-exclusive quests and fields have also been added.

Faster leveling-up will also be an added benefit due to growth-boosting events where items such as EXP, Adena, and equipment will be rewarded at each level, from level 180 up to level 260, achieved by characters.

New lands to explore

With the addition of Orcs, the max player level has been expanded to level 320 and a new territory, Avento, has been added along with expansions to Main Quests, Weekly Quests, and Sub-Quests. Avento consists of three regions – Dragon Valley, Promised Land and Ancient Dragon Mountain Range – where 12 new Monsters and 21 new Monster Cores await players.

With this update, the Tower of Insolence will be expanded to Floor 145. Players can expect greater rewards with the expansion and the added auto-progression to the tower makes gameplay easier for players having a hard time progressing to the higher floors.

Second Class Transfer – Part Two

Part two of the Second Class Transfer has been added so players can experience more skills, classes and new content. Like other races and classes, Orc players can start part two of the Second Class Transfer Quest at level 271 with Chapter five through seven quests available.

Cross servers with greater ease

New and merged servers in North America and Europe will ensure smoother matching for co-op content and more competitive Fortress and Castle Sieges. Cross-Server Matchmaking will be implemented for multiple game modes including Honorable Battlefield, Temporal Rift Dungeons, Temple Guardian and Summoning Circle, allowing players to enjoy battles faster in an improved environment.

The trailer for the orcs is quite impressive giving the fantasy bruisers an epic sense of grandeur with their arrival. It seems like you can’t play an MMORPG and escape the brutes for long. The Orcs are always going to get you.

Lineage 2: Revolution is available now on iOS and Android.


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