Conan Exiles has received its first major update following the monumental shift that came with Age of Sorcery. This fills the game’s vast and savage wilderness with even more activities and danger. The free update arrives at the same time as a trove of new cosmetics that can be purchased through the new Battle Pass or in the Bazaar item shop. Feast your eyes on the abundance of new content in the Launch Trailer seen at the bottom of the article.

The arrival of sorcery has shaken the foundations of the Exiled Lands. Strange rituals are performed everywhere as sorcerers run rampant with their newfound power. In Chapter 2, players will come across the camps of Khitan Headhunters. These camps are in both the Exiled Lands and The Isle of Siptah. To understand the new sorcery that has burgeoned, they will task you with hunting down and bringing them sorcerer NPCs across the lands. Although their skull will do, living bodies provide much higher rewards, including a new armour set.

Get ready to get stuck into some sorcerers

On their journeys, players will also run into the new Witch Hunt Encounter. Here they can interrupt the powerful rituals of one of four different boss-level sorcerers. These sorcerers cannot be taken alive. However, their skulls can also be brought to the Khitan camps for a big payout.

Arriving in parallel with the free update, a huge assortment of new paid cosmetics is available. These are available through the Bazaar item shop and new Battle Pass. These include the extended Stormglass building set, new armour and weapon looks, new pets, unique decorations, and more. If you’re interested our own Declan Kenny and Team Zoom Zoom play Conan Exiles.

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