The psychological horror RPG They Speak From The Abyss faithfully captures the spirit of the classic dungeon crawlers. With a glorious grunge horror aesthetic inspired by the masterful creations of Clive Barker and Junji Ito. Players can attempt to escape the grotesque hellscape of the Abyss with a brand new demo ahead of the game’s 2023 release.

What is They Speak From The Abyss?

They Speak From The Abyss tells the story of Vanessa Rivera. She is a young woman in dire need of a fresh beginning. With dread and anguish as a conduit, she is propelled into a world of literal nightmares riddled with horrific abominations. In order to escape the Abyss, Vanessa must face the very demons she attempted to leave behind in the first place. They Speak From The Abyss houses imagery plucked from our darkest imaginations and is woven into a profoundly personal and grounded narrative carefully crafted by Kalpa.

They Speak From The Abyss promises to be a twisted homage to the glory days of classic dungeon-crawling RPGs. Explore beautifully gruesome environments and confront the woeful souls and frightening demons lurking throughout the Abyss. Choose your words carefully, as some monsters can be reasoned with. But when talking isn’t an option, be ready to engage in heart-pounding active-time battles.

Wishlist They Speak From The Abyss now. Players can dip their toes into the dark descent in the brand new demo dropped alongside the recently launched Kickstarter campaign.

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