Apple recently launched the Apple Arcade with the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS. This release also includes the ability to connect your PS4 and Xbox One gamepads in the Bluetooth settings. What did I play on my iPhone and iPad?

A change in attitude

In addition, Apple announced that there will be no micro-transactions or paid DLCs for these games. This shows that someone at Apple realised that the current state of mobile gaming is stagnant and treats gamers unfairly. AND THAT SHOWS. Every game I have played at this point in time was an actual game with an intriguing idea. Apple Arcade offers something for any taste. From real-time Risk-inspired Solar Commanders to adventures like Beyond A Steel Sky to totally out there games like Sayonara Wild Hearts a large array of genres is already being covered.

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Feels so good

If you don’t have much time or a parent like myself, connecting your gamepad and enjoying a session on your iPad on your kitchen island or in bed feels so good. Apple Arcade currently comes in at a price of 5€ per month and if that stays the same, I cannot see a reason why this should not become the upcoming gaming platform. Oh and the first month is free. So what are you waiting for? In conclusion, I have found a new type of gaming service and games to get addicted to. But in a good way.

Moving pictures

I feel that instead of writing a review of every game I played on Apple Arcade, the below video series title “Apple Arcade Addiction” is a better fit for this new type of gaming.

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I have been gaming for ca. 28 years. I started on a C64 and Atari 2600 and never stopped gaming.!

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