Haunted House Renovator, a game that promises to redefine renovation gaming with its spine-chilling twists, is heading to Kickstarter on March 6th. In Haunted House Renovator, players step into the shoes of a paranormal renovator tasked with restoring dilapidated houses plagued by supernatural phenomena. From battling ghosts to dispelling curses, the game challenges players to confront the unknown while breathing new life into haunted dwellings.

Haunted House Renovator Key features:

  • A first-person paranormal renovator simulator experience that plunges players into the heart of the supernatural.
  • Atmospheric graphics that set the stage for a truly eerie adventure.
  • Encounters consisting of various hauntings, possessions, and curses players have to combat while navigating through each haunted house.
  • Diverse locations worldwide, each presenting its challenges and mysteries.
  • Unbound creativity with decorating, enabling players to transform these haunted houses into inviting homes.

Why Kickstarter? The developers aim to exceed their initial scope set for the game, enabling them to add more content beyond what they originally planned.

This crowdfunding empowers backers to play a role in shaping the final iteration of the game. Even if the game doesn’t reach its fundraising goal, Haunted House Renovator will still see the light of day.

Going on Kickstarter allows developers to add more features, for example, an expanded array of furniture and decorations, enriching the overall gameplay experience.

Check out the Kickstarter link to learn more.

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