Simutronics, an award-winning game development studio building on over 30 years of multiplayer expertise, is pleased to announce GALAHAD 3093, a mech-based hero shooter in which players battle it out in up to 32-player combat.

In GALAHAD 3093, players pilot brutal war mechs known as Lances competing for dominance in intense battle arenas. Success in conflict brings new weapons and technology to upgrade your firepower and combat capabilities.

Each Knight is a heroic warrior of the realm, a unique Lance pilot who brings with them special abilities that will dramatically reshape the battlefield. Combine your best Lance load-outs and Knight abilities for the perfect build.

GALAHAD 3093 is the exact game we’ve been wanting to develop at Simutronics for a long time and our team is thrilled to share this unique experience with players.” said David Whatley, CEO of Simutronics, “With GALAHAD 3093, we’ve taken the gameplay depth of the mech genre and merged it with the variety of hero shooter mechanics to create something fast-paced and distinct.”

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Set for Early Access release in early 2021, GALAHAD 3093 will be available on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store. For more information visit the website and check out Steam. 

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