RealityZ, the French video game studio, has announced the release of Too Many Humans, the real-time strategy game where players take control of a zombie horde to destroy humanity and save the Earth. Too Many Humans will be divided into three episodes, the first of which is playable now. The next two will be available in 2022.

In Too Many Humans, Gaia, the goddess of nature, calls upon her brother Phtisis to destroy humanity, whose polluting presence is harming Earth. Phtisis raises an army of living dead to carry out his mission and preserve the planet. Players will harness the immeasurable strength of their undead horde. They will also discover new mutations to power up their legion of the living dead.

Tower Defence in Reverse

Too Many Humans promises a strategy experience that innovates on the genre’s typical format – This time, you are the threat! The gameplay of Too Many Humans focuses on three main mechanics:

  • Collect resources: In order to feed the horde, players will have to ’forcefully recruit’ new troops by using humans to enlarge their ranks. This “flesh” resource that players recover can then be used to create more zombies to overwhelm humanity’s strongholds.
  • Mutate your zombies to adapt your tactics: The mutation mechanic gives players flexibility in their tactical approach. Some zombies will be more resistant. There are zombies capable of causing explosions. Then there are those who will collect resources. These zombies consume whatever gets in their way, be it humans, cars, or lampposts.
  • Control the battlefield: Players will have to manage their resources, special troops, and enemies to make the best decisions during battle. By doing so and reacting to the challenges of each level, their relentless zombie waves will carry them to victory. In the case of defeat, players will be able to raise their army of the dead again and adapt their strategy to defeat the last remnants of humanity.

“After spending what could be considered a lifetime playing Zerg in the various Starcraft games, I wanted to recreate the feeling of the horde coming and going and harassing the opponent to the point of exhaustion, while making the control easier and more intuitive.” Says Julien Millet, creative director at RealityZ. “I hope that players will find this experience in Too Many humans,”

In Too Many Humans Kill the Humans, Save the World

It’s great to hear where Julien’s inspiration comes from as it is likely to inspire players when they come to Too Many Humans. I know many of my friends who wiled away the hours as Zergs, which will excite them. Too Many Humans – Episode 1 is now available on Steam for £5.79 / $7.99 / €6.59.

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