Rogue-like resource management sim Undead Inc. will launch on the 2nd of May on PC. Stepping into the role of managing director of their very own Endswell Medical franchise, players will be tasked with growing the business, stuffing the coffers, and meeting the demands of an increasingly hungry board of directors, all while keeping their reputation in check, money flowing, and the bodies buried.

As the public-facing arm of Endswell Medical keeps things running above ground (and above board) its nefarious underbelly is where the real transformative and lucrative magic happens. Players will research and develop bioweapons, questionable pharmaceuticals, and dangerous technology to put up for sale to the highest bidder, all while turning a blind eye to any… situations that may arise.

Of course, eventually, the truth will out, and to continue Endswell Medical’s ambitious growth strategy, players will have to uproot their operation, grabbing armfuls of money, equipment, and other unmentionables on the way out – enough to establish a brand-new corporation in a new spot – and start the cycle anew.

Undead Inc. Key Features  

Research above all: The money won’t make itself, and the most lucrative adventures require a less than ethical path: Deadly bioweapons, questionable pharmaceuticals, illegal technology – nothing is off the table 

All about the base: Choose from several different biomes to build a base of operations, each with its own opportunities and challenges  

The end comes for us all: Eventually, the directors’ crimes will catch up with them, so prepare to flee with as much cash, drugs, and research to fund the next Big Pharma in the next town over.

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