Independent developer Roofkat has announced that its debut title, WarpThrough, is launching on PC via Steam and in late 2019. WarpThrough is a 2D arcade-style platformer, where the goal is to jump from portal to portal in arena-style levels, warping through dimensions as you increase your score. While doing so, inter-dimensional monsters spawn across the level, which need to be taken care of before they overwhelm you. The catch? You can only charge up your attack while standing still!

You begin the game playing as Charlotte, who wakes up one morning only to find that monsters from other dimensions are invading her world. Luckily, her dad Manor has invented an interdimensional warp machine.

Unluckily, it has swallowed up her best friends Three and Ebbie, along with Ebbie’s dog Ball… Charlotte decides to head into the alternate dimensions to save her friends and eradicate the monsters at their source before they overtake her world. As she completes levels and rescues her friends, they too become playable characters, each with their own unique attack powers!

Jumping through all the modes and challenges of WarpThrough

WarpThrough includes a story campaign, an arcade mode where players can choose any unlocked character and level, both playable in optional local co-op, and a weekly challenge mode that will test your skills to the max. The weekly challenge mode also features online leaderboards, meaning players can compete worldwide to see who is the true master of this new play-style!

Choosing between parkouring to a portal or standing your ground to fend off foes means that every moment of WarpThrough is a frantic, tactical rush! When charged up, Charlotte can release a deadly fire punch, which propels her in one of four directions the player chooses. Combined with a perfectly timed jump, she can cause some serious damage to these inter-dimensional fools.

Three has a powerful laser gun that can tear through multiple foes, which could truly devastate monsters, except his aim leaves something to be desired… When Manor is charged up, he lays a trail of electricity to trap and zap monsters, so predicting enemy movements is paramount to using his ability. Ebbie is just trying to walk her dog Ball, who will happily take out any enemies in his path. Foes better watch out when Ball is called upon, although he can find it tough to navigate levels, especially when he falls asleep…

“I’m so excited to formally announce WarpThrough and reveal that it’s launching in late 2019,” said Ramon Huiskamp, founder of Roofkat. “The stop to attack mechanic really subverts the kind of gameplay you would expect from an arcade platformer. In WarpThrough staying still and surveying the level is just as important as navigating around it as quickly as possible!”

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