Puppet House will debut as early as 2024! This unique title combines campy horror with challenging escape room elements. Promising players a thrilling experience. The latest trailer is now available. This offers a glimpse into the gameplay and mystery of the house haunted by a puppet from hell.

Puppet House Features:

Demonic puppet antagonist: Encounter a soul-stealing puppet that relentlessly hunts those who trespass.

Escape room elements: Navigate through an evolving environment.

Atmospheric horror: Experience a chilling atmosphere with haunting visuals and sound design.

Behold Field Town

Immerse yourself in the sinister world of the Puppet House, in which horrors are carved from wood. As Detective Rick, your task is to unravel the mystery of local disappearances. All leads point towards an old house of a late ventriloquist.  Will you be brave enough to follow this case, even if a murderous puppet crosses your path?

Survive the nightmare

The sense of unease is perfectly balanced with a touch of B-movie horror humour. That evokes the charm of classic 80s and 90s horror movies and games. Expect over-the-top scares and a killer puppet antagonist that’s as creepy as it is absurd. The combination of scares and humour ensures that Puppet House delivers an unforgettable horror experience.

If you’re intrigued by this news check out the trailer below to learn more.

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