Once upon a time in China

Be prepared for Wuxia Wonder as Where Winds Meet is now confirmed to be coming to Sony’s flagship console! While no specific release window is given, that the title is definitely having a console release is incredibly exciting for fans of martial arts action.

Set in ancient China in the period of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, this game promises a huge open-world RPG set that journeys across the East. The wire-fu physics will enchant fans of genre films such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon as they embark on quests and solve puzzles across a vast, gorgeous world.

Players can choose a swordsman or swordswoman to play as to master weapons such as swords, spears, glaives and bows to battle enemies. Most exciting is the recently revealed battle umbrella! These will come in handy against some truly intimidating, striking and creepy bosses. The River God, a gang leader pretending to be a fishmonger looks to be a promise of how bonkers and frightening these encounters will be.

A Touch of ZenBeralt Lyu, Producer at Everstone Studio says “We are so excited to be bringing Where Winds Meet to PlayStation 5. We can’t wait for PlayStation fans to get to grips with our thrilling oriental adventure, to travel the ancient world as a young sword master and to steep themselves in Chinese martial arts!”

Ethan Wang of publisher NetEase, Inc., adds “Where Winds Meet is shaping up to be an awesome experience, with beautiful graphics, sophisticated and challenging eastern combat skills, and an intriguing narrative. I am so pleased that the PlayStation community will get to enjoy this unique adventure together with us!”

With such promising words and such an excellently showcased game so far, Where Winds Meet looks to be something very special indeed. Further updates can be found on the game’s website. Where Winds Meet will be on PlayStation 5 and PC in the near future.

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