Luigi's Mansion 3, ghoulishly great ghostbusting
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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the newest instalment into probably the most under-appreciated Nintendo franchise. Will the third iteration of this Resident Evil and Ghostbusters mix with a Nintendo spin haunt you or let you die happy?

Next Level Games was asked to deliver Luigi’s Mansion 3, after being able to produce a fairly successful part on the Nintendo DS. The developer was able to bundle one surprise after the next and made this ghostly hotel adventure overflowing with creativity. The story itself is pretty straight forward. Luigi and the gang have been invited to stay at a luxury hotel, which is of course a trap. The unfortunate Luigi is missed by the dastardly plan of the main villain and her army of ghosts. Still, all the story moments are able to convey the atmosphere greatly. Even without actual dialogue.

Luigi’s lighting and sucking things up

The core mechanics have stayed the same. The twin-stick controls work well overall. You can even limit the joystick to horizontal motion and use the Switchs’ tilt sensor for the vertical ones. You encounter ghost, flash them with your flashlight and suck them up with your vacuum cleaner. What is new, is that you can fill a meter, which then lets you smash ghost around. Similar to what Hulk did to Loki in the first Avengers movie. The added bonus here is, that not only are you damaging the current ghost but the environment and other ghosts as well. This feature alone brings a new tactical element which greatly enhances the game.

Luigi’s got some new tricks in his vacuum bag

In addition to his standard move set Luigi can now launch himself into the air. This lets him jump over obstacles, destroy objects around him and add another layer to the puzzle solving. The biggest new addition of course is Gooigi. Luigis new sidekick can squeeze through bars and be sucked into pipes. A second player can even take control of him too. This is especially fun, when there are multiple types of ghost or tricky puzzles to solve.

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Luigi’s still afraid of the ghosts

While you start out on your quest to rescue your friends in a fairly typical hotel setting, the environments get more and more varied. From a castle floor to a plant floor, which would make poison ivy scream out in joy, there is no limit to the imagination. Next level games somehow was able to still make everything feel like actual hotel floors. Not just a compilation of levels. The ghost get more tricky the further you explore. They start wearing glasses or other items to block your flashlight. So while Luigi is walking around calling “MMMMarioooo”, you need to adjust your playstyle constantly to fit the enemies. The boss ghost offer even more of a highlight. Each one has such a great personality, you start to question, who they were before they died.

Luigi’s the new REAL GHOSTBUSTER

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is another highlight in the every growing Switch catalogue. Even if you have beaten a boss, collecting all the gems on each floor, adds another replay value. In addition to all of this the multiplayer modes are fun, for a quite more time than I had expected. In my opinion, every Switch owner should have this game in their library.

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