Video game scores are important, and when done correctly, can completely win over potential fans. Take my latest review for The Void Rains Upon Her Heart. This soundtrack, not unlike the game, takes many of its musical cues from Undertale. There is a general theme upon which each track builds, additionally branching out to find its own unique personality. But within each song, you’ll find a flavour of the intro and outro to bring the whole piece home.

“Her Adamant Will” and “My Heart Is See Through” harken back to arcade style games, with midi-like sounds that will make you think Donkey Kong’s barrels are about to drop down on you. But from the NES-style beginnings, both tracks grow and come into their own; “Her Adamant Will” crescendos into a blustery finish to complement the windy arena in which you’ll find this tune, while the racing tempo of “My Heart is See Through” gives you a sense of urgency to power through and, dare I say, fills you with DETERMINATION.

The heart of the soundtrack is certainly the Void battle piece, “Absolute Zero”. Here you have a fast tempo orchestral number that begins with a quick-paced, ominous organ and evolves into a rock opera. A distorted guitar chimes in as the battle heats up between yourself and the Void, changing the pulse of the music from tepid worry to fully submerged chaos. Both the fight and the track contain separate phases, and, while they don’t always align, both add to the chaotic pace of the battle.

There are other gems on the soundtrack, with “Defense Mechanism” and “The Void Rains Down” to name a few, each distinctively modern when compared with the retro sounds of “Her Adamant Will” and “My Heart Is See Through”. There is enough of each song hidden within the others to bring the whole piece together, despite the varied personalities of each track. Again, as with the game, you’ll find the allusions to Undertale within the tunes of The Void Rains Upon Her Heart, but the overall sound is unique enough to stand on its own.

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