After last week’s episode with the special guests this week I met with some of the heroes of Leakycon, the purveyors of magical goodies. I chatted with several of the retailers at the stalls and what I came away from each interview was that they are all highly enthused fans of Harry Potter and the world he lives in. They all had wonderful stories about what got them into the world of Harry Potter.

They all had different avenues, there was Joker’s Journal who was a close family who grew up with Harry Potter being read to them. There were the members of Ann Arbor Tee’s who were Potter fans that learned to love it in a new way with the highly talented theatre group Starkid. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, musicals, and Disney then you’re in for a treat. There was also the team behind Wizards In Space which is all about the exploration of fan created projects that expand the Harry Potter universe in unexpected and creative new ways.

It was a lot of fun interviewing all these passionate people and I have to say they are some of the most impressive people I’ve met at a con. Their passion and love for Harry Potter was infectious. If you were at Leakycon and I was lucky enough to meet you be sure and let me know how you got on during Leakycon and what were some of your highlights?

Check out all the links to the various store’s below if you’re interested in anything Potter:

Joker’s Journal

Wizards in Space

Ann Arbor Tees

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