A Review in Progress: She Remembered Caterpillars (Switch Edition)
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If I were a lazy writer, I could say that She Remembered Caterpillars is basically Thomas Was Alone and leave it at that. I’m not a lazy writer, just a lazy person. Maybe my jokes are lazy, but that’s it. My point is that this game reminded me of one of my favourite games of all time due to it’s nuance and artistry and that made me very happy. Allow me to convey the reasons why!

She Remembered Caterpillars is a puzzle game by Jumpsuit Entertainment. It’s been available on Steam for a couple of years but just recently made it’s way to the Switch. This is how it crossed my desk and entered my life, and I’m very happy about it. Like most great puzzle games SRC hands you some simple mechanics and ramps up the difficulty as you progress. In each level you control several walking fungi with faces and must get each one to a target. Your characters are limited in where they can go based on their colour, red can only cross red bridges but cannot pass through red blockers, so on and so forth.

The first few levels have you move around a few red and blue dudes before introducing the ability to combine them. Mix a red with a blue to get purple, and the same rules apply. However, purple can cross either red or blue bridges but cannot go through red or blue blockers. Just as you’re getting used to this crazy new world, they throw a yellow one at you and all hell breaks loose.

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The progression of the puzzles is a strong point for the game. Whenever the game simplifies itself to introduce new mechanics it quickly goes right back to bending your brain. None of the forty levels feel like padding, each level makes the best of the game’s mechanics. I can confirm with no shame that I was thoroughly stumped for a lot of this game, and it was good. Like, I could feel my brain growing kind of good. This is another great game to have on the go, ideal for the Switch.

For a game about fungus, She Remembered Caterpillars is gorgeous. The animations of the characters and puzzle parts are wonderful, the backgrounds are brilliant and I love the music so very much. The whole package is very pleasantly presented. Much like Thomas Was Alone there is an over-arching story told between chapters. It’s a bit confusing and mostly just implied but it adds to the ethereal feel of the game. For a puzzle game with a pretty basic system of mechanics, pretty art and a nice ambience is very welcome.

Overall, I really like She Remembered Caterpillars. It’s a pretty little puzzler that’s well designed and very engaging. For anyone looking for a puzzle game, I cannot recommend this one enough.

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