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Green Hell VR is a survival game for the PSVR2 which is a port of an older PC game. Originally, it was designed as a flat-screen game, but it lends itself particularly well to the extra immersion that the VR platform inevitably gives you.

The story has you as an anthropologist in the Amazon. You are trying to connect with a lost tribe and learn all about them. You and your partner get separated and it becomes abundantly clear that you must rely on your ingenuity and instincts to survive in an extremely unforgiving habitat. In your search for your partner, there is danger around every corner and depending on whatever circumstance you are in, your surroundings will either make or break you.

Welcome To The Jungle

As you would expect with a survival game, you need to craft weapons and keep yourself well-fed, hydrated, and safe from all imminent danger. And that danger can come from anywhere. You just need to make sure you have the right balance of carbs, protein, water, and fat.

Every animal and insect you encounter can attack and injure you. On the flip side, they can also be the source of sustenance that can save your life. It is just a matter of killing them and then cooking them over a fire that you have built. Nothing more rewarding than setting yourself down at the end of a long day of exploration and tucking into a roasted tarantula.

But eating the wrong animal or ingesting the wrong type of plant or mushroom can poison you. You need to choose your options carefully.

As you progress, you will keep a record of the effects that all the diverse types of food have on your health in your notebook. However, in order to be able to gain this experience is a matter of trial and error.

Wild At Heart

The story keeps the narrative going, guiding you to the next task you must complete. You are not necessarily just roaming the jungle aimlessly. While the story is not exactly enthralling, it does keep you focussed. Outside of the campaign, there is a mode that is simply about survival. This leaves the mission-based aspect to one side, leaving you to do whatever you want and see how long you can survive in the wild.

The mechanics of the PSVR2 are quite engaging. You need to craft weapons and it feels very intuitive. Whether it be sticking a rock to a stick to craft a crude hatchet, creating a bow from scratch, or even picking a leech off your skin, the gestures required feel natural.

Visually, it is impressive. It is not exactly revolutionary and certainly not “blow you away” level, but it is very good. Despite some resolution issues, the environment is well-designed with minimal glitching. With games that have a destructible environment (and almost everything is destructible), you do get some distortion, but it is not too distracting.

Some people suffer from motion sickness while playing VR games and it is all down to how sturdy your VR sea-legs are. I despise the “teleport” aspect to any VR game, but my wife cannot play any game on the headset for longer than an hour without using it. Thankfully, the developers have full motion and teleport options available for both types of players.

Amazon Delivery

Using the earphones with the PSVR2 really heightens the immersion of Green Hell VR. The sounds of the wilderness can be terrifying and helpful in equal measures. Whether it be the rustling of trees or the roars of a puma, it is good to hear everything. It can warn you of impending danger or of the presence of life-saving prey that you can hunt.

The inventory selection screen can be a little clunky. Sometimes you find yourself accidentally picking the wrong item from your backpack. This can get somewhat frustrating at times, especially when you are in a panic.
There is plenty to do and there is a nice variety of enemies and hazards. This helps to keep you on your toes. Inevitably, there is quite a bit of repetition because of the very nature of the game. This will be a deal breaker for some.

Green Hell VR is a solid game that does exactly what it says on the tin. How much you enjoy this game will rely purely on how much you enjoy classic survival games.

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