Digimon Survive - a heartbreaking masterpiece
This is the ultimate digital monster.
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In 2018 Digimon fans were shown the first glimpse of a new title in the Digimon franchise. It was simply titled Digimon Survive. Then there was a trailer that got people excited in 2019. From there we got drips and drabs of information.

Most of the information sadly was it being delayed several times. Pushing its release to this month. With all these delays fans were worried that the final product would never match up to that initial intriguing promise. Now with it finally out and fans like myself finally getting to play it and finish it, there’s one big question; Was it worth the wait? Yes, yes it was and in my humble opinion, it is potentially the greatest instalment of the whole Digmon franchise.

Digimon Survive – A story of heartbreak and horror

The story of Digimon Survive is one that fans will recognise. Eight teens are plucked from their world during summer camp and are thrown into a new world filled with strange monsters. This is reminiscent of every Digimon story reaching all the way back to the original Digimon series, Digimon Adventure from 1999. What does Digimon Survive bring to the table? Out and out horror and gut-wrenching tragedy. This isn’t your daddy’s Digimon.

There are tropes from the franchise that are played out in a far more compelling style. It’s as if the franchise grew up with its audience. From how the characters interact with each other to how they interact with their Digimon partners, it’s fresh, engaging and highly emotional. The best compliment I could offer Digimon Survive is that it feels like you’re actually a part of a season of Digimon.

Try and survive this monstrous world

Digimon Survive is a visual novel with RPG battle mechanics. Many will be turned away by this as there is a lot of reading. In fact, it has been review bombed by players who didn’t realise this element of the game is so prevalent. For me, I think if this didn’t have such a strong story with such interesting characters I would have been less forgiving. I myself find visual novel games a mixed bag. However, when the effort is put in they are absolutely phenomenal.

Add to this story over 100 different Digimon to digivolve, train and partner with and you’re for a hell of a good time. You can also affect the digivolutions of your partner Digimon and your friend’s Digimon with the choices you make. It makes the story as well as your actions within it powerful and emotional. If there are any issues the combat can feel somewhat easy. The whole game I failed maybe three times. There are a few moments where there is a difficulty spike which came out of nowhere. Other than that though I enjoyed every moment of battling with my chosen team of warriors.

Ultimately Digimon Survive is a stellar gaming experience. For fans of visual novels, fans of Digimon and fans of interesting stories this is a brilliant game. So much so that I’m about to go into my second playthrough because I want to get every single ending of this wonderful story.

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