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I’ve never been a part of a cult. Can’t say it ever interested me. Then along came Cult of the Lamb. Developed by Massive Monster this cult-building simulator puts you in the shoes of a vessel for an ancient god. This god wants one simple thing, freedom. So as the last lamb, you have to build a cult, cultivate the masses and take on the bishops that imprisoned your deity.

Build a cult, love a cult, sow revolution

In Cult of the Lamb, you are tasked with building a commune of followers. Using their faith you grow stronger and gain various abilities for your Red Crown. To make sure they keep giving you faith though you have to make sure they’re happy, well fed and clean. These tasks are the bedrock of the game. As your numbers grow you can then get your followers to build your church, your crops and even living quarters. From there you gain more power by performing rituals, and sermons and setting down commandments.

The rituals themselves are some of my favourite parts. You can ascend your followers to a higher plain, you can sacrifice them which is hilarious as you watch them pulled under by some form of monster. I will say that the rituals make the cult-building aspect so memorable. Building this community and putting it through its paces is truly the most enjoyable part.

This brings me to the other aspect of Cult of the Lamb. The battles with the bishops to free your dark master. It’s honestly tedious. Though there are several weapons to wield they never feel truly unique. The various locations you battle within are fairly generic. Thankfully the design of the characters, bosses etc are still fun and engaging.

This cult feels iffy

There have also been several moments within Cult of the Lamb that have seriously hampered my enjoyment. First off the game had several game-breaking glitches that stopped my review completely in its tracks for several weeks. On top of that, there seems to be an issue with the game when your cult grows to a particular size. I have approximately 20 members and the game has begun to slow down and stutter when I’m in their presence.

Overall though Cult of the Lamb is a charming game filled with charming characters. It scratches that itch of someone looking for a Hades-esque experience even though it pales in comparison.

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