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Do you remember coming home from school, booting up the family computer, waiting for it to finally warm up and function and diving back into the sweet, sweet world of flash games? You would browse about and most days fall back on the good ol’ stickman game, in this case, stick fighter. The easy-to-pick-up nature of the game and the visuals of seeing the full map of simple-looking platforms paired with a limited colour palette brings you back to these simple flash games of old. Like old flash games, trying to memorise the controls and mastering your muscle memory to control yourself in Spiderheck is all part of the challenge.

Eight legs are better than two

As I said, mastering this game is hard. The object of the game is to be the last spider standing. You achieve this by destroying all other spiders on screen with an array of weapons to shoot, blast, explode or stab your opponents with. As a spider you can crawl and jump from platform to platform like your standard platform skirmish but remember, you’re a spider lad. You can shoot webs to swing all over the gaff, why settle for the top of a platform when you can stick beneath them and climb any wall or object you want? The initial mental breakdown of the level you subconsciously make as the round counts in to start is just the surface level of the traversal options you and your opponents have at your disposal.

Co-op Creepy Crawlies

If online is proving too much to handle or you just cannot grasp the controls in an online setting. Head over to the co-op section of the main menu and play with your mates with some extra controllers. If murdering your mates is not your style, head over to the Trails of Heck and take on swarms of bugs in increasingly more difficult levels and challenges. Or just go for classic survival and take on wave after wave until you are bested. There’s enough here to keep you going if the gameplay is your thing.

Eww, spiders

Spiderheck is a fun online platform brawler and offline time killer but after a couple of hours, you will have experienced all there is on offer. If you really enjoy this type of game and full speed ahead you’ll get a long time out of beating your competitors online and spanking the ai offline. If not, maybe give it a miss and if you suffer from arachnophobia, fair play for reading a full review about spiders murdering each other.

Words by the spiderific Lewis Magee.

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