2D side-scroller Grim Guardians: Demon Purge is digitally coming to the West on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The physical version will also be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch. This version will be released in Spring of this year. A Collectors Edition will also be available, early in the Summer.

  • Step into the world of ‘Gal*Gun: Double Peace’ once again with a 2D metroidvania twist!
  • Shinobu and Maya Return – Your two favourite ‘Double Peace’ demon hunter sisters are back! This time they are on a mission to return their school – which has turned into a demonic castle – back to normal
  • Different character skillsets – Both sisters have very different abilities – which will you choose?
  • Visual Novel styled Story Sections with beautiful artwork and fun dialogue!
  • 2 Player Co-op – Play with a friend in co-op mode and take down the bosses that roam the halls together!
  • Use the three difficulty styles to play your own way
  • Experience the quality and challenge that you expect from an Inti Creates title, this time with a gothic-horror aesthetic

Shinobu and Maya are back!

Your two favourite ‘Gal*Gun Double Peace’ sisters return for another adventure in Grim Guardians: Demon Purge. Play as either character at any time. Each of these warriors has her own playstyle as well as strengths. Use both to get through the halls of the castle and defeat the dangerous bosses that get in your way. Use both characters together to succeed, switching between either Shinobu when you need a defensive stance or Maya when you need an all-out attack.

That’s not all though. With the ability to jump in at any time during the game, gather a friend to join you on your adventure. With each of you controlling one of the sisters, team up to fight those notoriously hard bosses and execute brand-new combo options.

You can even jump on top of each other’s heads to unlock greater heights and access previously inaccessible routes.

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